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Halcyon in the news: maritime talent in Singapore

The competition to attract and retain talent is keenly fought across the global maritime sector and Singapore is no exception. The Lion City is rightly regarded as one of the industry’s leading global hubs, spanning a multitude of sectors, specialism and professions that reflect the diversity of the shipping industry. However, it is fair to say that Singapore also faces a fight to keep its talent; not just ... Read More »

APAC: investing in the new workplace culture

When we look back at the past two years, the perils of attempting to predict what lies ahead are clear. Who would have anticipated what we were all about to face in January 2020? But business leaders don’t have the luxury of a ‘wait and see’ approach, particularly when it comes to the long-term challenge of attracting, retaining and developing talent within their organisations. In our last article https://w... Read More »

Understanding the shifting APAC employment market

The past two years have posed unprecedented challenges for employers and employees alike. The pandemic triggered a huge upheaval in our working lives and the aftershocks are still being felt. The impact is made more complex still for those international industries, such as maritime – an inherently global, interconnected sector. The same forces that are disrupting and transforming the international maritime se... Read More »

Learning the lessons of 2021, part 2

The outlook for employers and employees The start of a new year is always a good time to take a fresh look at what has changed in our markets and to reassess what matters – both for those with roles to fill and for those looking for new opportunities. These questions loom larger than ever, at a time when there is more cause for optimism than 12 months ago, but still a lot of uncertainly. In our first ar... Read More »

Learning the lessons of 2021, part 1

Learning the lessons of 2021, part 1: the maritime recruitment market in the year ahead It is safe to say that 2021 wasn’t the year that many of us expected or hoped for. Given the challenges that employers and employees have faced, with so much disruption and uncertainty, it would be understandable if we sought to put 2021 behind us and looked forward to life returning to ‘normal’. However, the changes we... Read More »

Demand for greater focus on DE&I

LONDON, UK – 19 November 2021: Shipping is significantly lacking ethnic and female representation at the senior level, according to the latest survey from the Diversity Study Group. However, employers are increasingly keen to embrace the benefits of DEI (diversity, equality, inclusivity) data to support decision-making and respond to the growing importance of DEI issues to employers and new recruits. The resu... Read More »

More progress needed on diversity and inclusion

Shipping's employers have responded well in looking after their shore-based teams during the ongoing COVID pandemic, according to the results of a new survey of maritime employees, in contrast to the experiences of seafarers during the pandemic. Further action is needed to confront discrimination and to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These are just some of the findings from the 12th Annual ... Read More »

‘Business as usual’ not an option for employers

Warning signs for shipping businesses as employees seek more focus on workplace culture and support, including diversity and inclusion, in post-COVID era. Shipping industry employees are prioritising greater efforts to improve diversity and inclusion, as well as workplace support for training and development - and are increasingly prepared to look for new jobs elsewhere, according to the results of a major an... Read More »

Halcyon announces high profile appointment

Senior hire signals Halcyon’s support for global talent drive across shipping and maritime in 2020 Ben Darnton joins Halcyon as its new Commercial Director, based in the UK. Heidi Heseltine, CEO of Halcyon, commented: “The search for talent will be one of the defining themes for shipping in 2020, across every sector and region. The maritime and energy industries are in transition with new roles coming t... Read More »

10th annual Maritime Employee Survey

We have again surveyed individuals within the global shipping and maritime markets in order to provide a detailed view of financial and motivational issues from an employee perspective. We would like to thank all those who took the time to participate. Headline news · 70% of participants feel their employer could do more to achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce. · 25% of all respondents believe they ... Read More »

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