CV Hints

How to write a good CV

Your CV and covering letter is your chance to show an employer the best of what you've got. It's about selling your skills and experience, and showing them you're the right person for the job. How you write your CV and covering letter is up to you, but there are some basic rules to follow if you want to create the best impression.

From the start, keep in mind that your CV needs to be concise and to the point. It should ideally be no more than 2 pages long but certainly no longer than 3 pages.

Personal Profile

If you start with a personal profile, keep it brief and try to avoid over-used terms, such as 'reliable', 'hard working', 'team player', 'good communication skills' etc. These are heard very often and don't help an employer to build up a picture of you.

Work Experience

Your work experience should be as close to the start of your CV as possible and start with your current job working backwards to your first role / early career. Outline the key responsibilities in each job you have held and give examples of your key achievements in your last two to three positions. These may be KPIs you have achieved / results you have improved upon / business development successes / revenue increase / cost savings / improvement in turnaround times / exceeding targets etc. These examples should help you stand out from your competition by identifying what you have personally done that shows you are good at your job.

Avoid unexplained gaps in your employment history. If you had time out travelling, job seeking, volunteering or caring for a relative, include this along with details of what you've learned and skills you’ve gained.

Education and Training

Start with your most recent qualifications and work back to the ones you got at school. Include:

  • the university, college or school you went to
  • the dates the qualifications were awarded and any grades
  • any work-related courses, if they're relevant.

Interests and achievements

Include hobbies, interests and achievements that are relevant to the job.
For example, if you're involved in any clubs or societies this can show that you enjoy meeting new people. Interests like sports and physical recreation activities can also show employers that you are fit and healthy.

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